Om Dahlia

My passion lies in retro fabrics from the 50´s, 60´s and 70´s 
with beautiful colors and patterns.
From my small textile studio, on the country side in the south of Sweden,
I make new creations from these handpicked, rescued retro fabrics.
Everything is handmade by myself.
It can be from a flowery curtain, grandma´s apron or a colorful summerdress, that become a happy and fun patchwork, lanyards,
party flags for the garden or celebrations, 
or anything really where my inspiration leads me.
I hope you will enjoy my site and find an opporturnity to
Color up your day!  

Åsa Nobel
Fågelsången 26
254 78 DOMSTEN
073-735 80 32

Om ni vill bli återförsäljare för Dahlias nyckelband.
Kontakta mig på info@dahlia-textil.